Jorge J. Martinez-Pedraja
Research Associate
Meteorology and Physical Oceanography
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Research Projects
  • Coastal Surface Current Variability homepage.An overview of Ocean Surface Current Radar.

  • Ocean Surface Current observations over North Carolina Inner Continental Shelf.Duck94.

  • NOAA deployment off the south Florida Keys (1999).3 hr composite of the coastal circulation.

  • Surface Current measurement along the Inshore Boundary of the Florida Current during NRL
    A couple of submesoscale vorticies moving through the region on vortex1 -- vortex2.
    A large-scale vortex propagating northward anim -- plot1 -- plot2.

  • West Florida Shelf (03)Experiment.WFS.
    Data collected during tropical storm Henry movie.

  • East Florida Shelf WERA deployment.homepage.

    CV.My CV.

  • Last Revised: 1 August 2006