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East Florida Shelf WERA deployment
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West Florida Shelf WERA deployment (Aug 24 to Sep 26 2003):
NRL OSCR deployment (April - June 2001):
  • Data Report: Very-High Frequency Surface Current Measurement Along the Inshore Boundary of the Florida Current During NRL 2001 by Jorge Marinez-Pedraja, Lynn K. Shay, Thomas M. Cook and Brian K. Haus.

In the next couple of months wind direction measurements will be available over the current WERA footprint.

A new technique for measurements of wind direction was developed by Lucy Wyatt, measuring the directional spectrum of high-frequency ocean wave using HF radar. (Wyatt L.R., L.J. Ledgard,C.W. Anderson, 1997. Maximum likelihood estimation of the directional distribution of 0.53Hz ocean waves. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 14, 591-603.).Lucy Wyatt
This new technique is based on Donelan's directional spreading model (Donelan, M. A., J. Hamilton, and W. H. Hui, 1985: Directional spectra of wind-generated waves. Philos. Trans. Roy. Soc. London, Ser. A; 315, 509-562.). The wind direction is determined from the difference in amplitude of the two main Bragg peaks in the radar power spectrum at each grid point across the coverage area.

Here is a plot with the wind direction during tropical storm Jeanne.

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Animation of wind direction before and during Jeanne.2 day composite of the wind direction
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