Dr. Lynn K. Shay
Dr. Brian K. Haus
Jorge Martinez-Pedraja
Jodi K. Brewster
HF Radar Information
Background Information
Miami Herald Article - 4/3/05
NOAA Coral Health and Monitoring Letter
Current Operations
East Florida Shelf WERA deployment
Previous Deployments
West Florida Shelf WERA deployment (Aug 24 to Sep 26 2003):
NRL OSCR deployment (April - June 2001):
  • Data Report: Very-High Frequency Surface Current Measurement Along the Inshore Boundary of the Florida Current During NRL 2001 by Jorge Marinez-Pedraja, Lynn K. Shay, Thomas M. Cook and Brian K. Haus.

Eastern Florida Shelf North Data Animations

Today is: Sep 18 2019 09:06 GMT (Yearday 261)
Latest Available data: Jun 28 2018 04:00 GMT

WERA EFSN Vector Current Animation

starting: Sep 07 2017 12:00 GMT (20172501200)
ending: Sep 08 2017 11:00 GMT (20172511100)
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